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Past Productions

Just click on the poster  image below to see photos of the show

Unfortunately we do not have poster images for all the other productions back to 1970                              

We do, however have a few photos from the shows (indicated in blue) click to view                             

1989 The Student and The Cockatoo, Anticlockwise   1988 The Heiress   1987 Tell Tale Murder   1985 Before the Party   

1984 Breath of spring   1983 The Browning Version, The Harlequinade, Suddenly at Home

1982 The Lady's Not For Burning, Dear Departed, Black Comedy

1981 The Poltergeist, Separate Tables   1980 She Passed Through Lorraine, The Hollow

1979 The Bride and the Batchelor, Ring Round The Moon   1978 Book of The Month, Bonaventure   

1977 The Happiest Days of Your Life, Trespass 1976 Nude with a Violin, Night Must Fall   1975 Major Barbara, The Curious Savage

1974 Hotel Paradiso, An Evening of Noel Coward   1972 Ladies in Retirement   1971 Quiet Wedding

If you should have any posters or photos from these early shows then we would love to hear

from you so that we could add copies of them to our archives

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