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Dedham Players NETG Awards   2012/13


For the 2012/13 season Dedham Players received the following

Nominations and Awards from The North Essex Theatre Guild:


Best Set

When We Are Married and Breaking the Code     WON


Best Actor

- Paul George for his portrayal of

Alan Turing in Breaking the Code      WON


Best Production/Direction

- Ian Amos for Breaking the Code  RUNNER UP


Costume Award

When We Are Married


Technical Award

 - Breaking The Code


Adjudicators' Award

- Julia Salmon, Rachel Culley and Annie Simcox as the

three wives in   When We Are Married


Best Young Actress

- Lindsay Malone as Ruby Birtle in When We Are Married


Best Supporting Actor

- Don Poar as Dillwyn Knox in Breaking The Code


Best Supporting Actress

- Claire Nicholson as Pat Green in Breaking The Code



Many congratulations to all involved!!

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