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Hello. The Dedham Players have not staged any productions at The Assembly Rooms since October 2019. The pandemic prevented any attempt at staging a show during 2020 and 2021.  Following the shutdown of last year it has become apparent to the members of the Dedham Players committee that there is a need to reflect on the future of the group. We feel we are at something of a crossroads in considering the way forward and in our ability to stage further productions at Dedham. 

When the Dedham Players was formed (more than 50 years ago in its present format) there was a wide pool of talent residing in and around Dedham enthusiastic to join in activities both on the stage and behind the scenes. In the past we have been able to recruit Dedham residents to help out in meaningful ways, not just on the production being staged, but also the running of the group.  However, as the years have gone by there has remained only a small core group of people to keep the Dedham Players going. Sadly, there are no longer any Dedham residents on the Dedham Players committee and very few local people actively involved in our productions. 

The Dedham Players committee is continuing to meet and reflect on whether we can successfully mount a production in the future.  We now have to admit that unless there is meaningful involvement from persons willing to join and help to shape the future of this once vibrant group then the task will become increasingly more difficult and ultimately unworkable. The Dedham Players is at risk of disappearing if we are unable to recruit new members to help us run our club. 

The current committee believes Dedham wants to continue to have a drama group, but we do not know if you do.  The question has to be asked - Does Dedham want a drama group in the village? If the answer is ‘yes’ then we need willing new participants to step forward.  Could you be one of those?  If it is' no', then we will ultimately have no choice but to roll up our stage curtain and close. 

Before we have to take that step we would like to hear your views. Also, if you would like to become a member and participate in some way however small or you know of anybody that might be interested then do please let us know. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us either by email or phone:

David Thompson (Chairman) at   01206 393711


Rachel Culley (Secretary) at    07850942647

Your Help Needed

To Save The Dedham Players

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